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One of the most famous/recognizable brand names of tires out there has got to be Goodyear. These quality tires can be found all around the world from your neighbour's car to the race track. One thing that you might not be aware of however is the fact that brand named tires like this also tend to have "second class tires" that they manufacture and sell. In the case of Goodyear tires it is the brand Motomaster tires. These tires are made by the exact same machines as Goodyear tires, the only difference being that there might not be the same quality control given to these tires however. So for example, a Motormaster tire would be the exact same as a Goodyear tire except for its name and the fact that the tire might contain a few hairs of loose rubber that were not trimmed off. So in a sense you would be getting the same type of Goodyear quality in a Motomaster tire just at a cheaper price but also without the same quality control. A lot of the bigger brand names have a similar system as well and these tires are worth looking into for sure; as they could save you some big money, while at the same time you are getting a quality tire.

There are many benefits to using green kitty litter. They are gentler on the environment, but also better for the health of people and pets. These five natural kitty litter brands work in a similar fashion as traditional cat litter, but contain no toxic chemicals or irritants such as silica. The natural ingredients also generate little to no dust. The initial cost may appear higher than the price of other cat litter brands, but natural kitty litter lasts longer. Cat lovers have many options when it comes to choosing a green cat litter. These top five brands of natural kitty litter have a proven performance record and are widely available. Visit their websites for more information, product demonstrations and to find local retailers.